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If you hearing the term autoimmune diseases for the first time, then you can watch the Betrayal Series by Dr Tom O’Bryan. Betrayal Series is a documentary film that is filmed as several episodes in different countries like Japan, Germany, and London etc.

Women must know about this disease mandatorily since they are the ones who are most affected by this disease. You can check the website http://www.huffingtonpost.in/entry/t

Dr Tom O’Bryanhe-on-the-rise-autoimmun_b_12460244 to understand the common symptoms of autoimmune diseases in women and natural tips to reverse the symptoms and the treatment options available for women.

When a foreign intruder such as bacteria or cold virus attacks your body your immune system combats with them to protect your body. It finds out the foreign cells, destroy and eliminate it completely without damaging you. But if there is a problem in your immune system, it assumes your own body cells and foreign cells and attacks them repeatedly and this is called autoimmune diseases.

The immune system is the group of cells and tissues present throughout your body and its main function is to protect you from infection and invasion. There are two parts in it. The acquired immune system and innate immune system. The acquired immune system builds when you grow and it knows about foreign invaders very well and attacks them once they return back to your body.

Autoimmune diseases occur when there is a problem with the acquired immune system. In the autoimmune diseases, the immune cells and autoimmune reaction attack its own tissues by mistake. Autoimmune diseases damage any part of your body like legs, kidneys, lungs, glands, digestive tract, blood vessels, skin, muscles, brain, joints, etc.

The best sign of autoimmune diseases is inflammation which means pain, redness, swelling and heat. There are several types of autoimmune diseases and based on what parts of the body autoimmune disease affect your body, the symptoms may differ. If the autoimmune diseases attack your joints then the disease is called rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms of this disease include stiffness, joint pain, and loss of function.

If the autoimmune disease damages your thyroid gland then you might experience tiredness, muscle pain, weight increase etc. if the diseases attack your skin like vitiligo, sclerosis then you will get rashes, color changes, and blisters.

The majority of the autoimmune diseases affects any parts of your body and they don’t have any restrictions. For instance, SLE can damage the joints, skin, nerves, blood vessels, heart, and many others. Also, Type 1 diabetes hurts your eyes, kidneys, glands.

Though many types of research have been conducted, till now the exact reason for autoimmune diseases are not identified. At most times, the combination factors work probably. For instance, the genetic disorder is sometimes the cause of this disease and sometimes, an outsider like virus may trigger this disease. The treatment option of this disease differs based on the disease type and most of the treatment aims at decreasing the inflammation. You must visit your doctor when you face any mild symptoms and continue the treatment as suggested by your doctor.