20 Dec


After a lot of scientific research, it has turned out that chocolates are good for health. the dark chocolates especially can reduce body mass and prevent the formation of blood clots. The chocolate confectionaries are also known to improve mathematical abilities. Several studies suggest that chocolates can impede the incidence of cancer. The gift baskets edmonton are renowned for their delectable taste and healthful factors. Chocolates can even fight stroke, heart disease and diabetes. The portals of http://thedailybeast.com/ illustrate the varied reasons for indulging in chocolates. Let’s get into a sneak peek preview of the different health benefits of chocolates.

It’s time for guilt-free indulgence
Consuming chocolates have been proven to maintain the ideal body mass index. The scientists at the University of California-San Diego have established the fact that people who consume chocolates on a regular basis have real control over their weight. Researchers from the Harvard University link chocolates and life expectancy. Eating about two pounds of chocolates per week can add two healthy years to your life. But, make sure not to binge on them. The chocolates that are heavily processed might not be able to provide you with the essential nutrients. So, it is important to make your choice wisely.

Chocolates can improve your brain functioning
Several research studies carried out in the test subjects revealed that on consuming chocolate for a fortnight improved the blood flow to the brain. With an enhanced blood flow, the brain performed faster and better. Studies from the Johns Hopkins University state that dark chocolates protect and strengthen the brain cells. The compound epicatechin present in chocolates reduces brain damage due to stroke. Epicatechin was also found to improve memory retention. Several psychologists and doctors have agreed to the fact that dark chocolates help with enhanced numerical processing. The flavanols in chocolates improved the neurotransmission process. On drinking hot chocolate, the test subjects found it relatively easy to count backward from a random number. Thus, chocolates can be a big boon to the students.

Chocolates can protect your heart
As per the results of the Swedish study, munching around 50grams of chocolate per week can reduce the risk of stroke by 20 percent in women. The important constituent of chocolates, flavonoids have high antioxidant properties to fight stroke. It also reduces the probability of heart attacks by preventing blood clot formation. Studies suggest that chocolates can delay the clumping of blood platelets. It also protects your body against inflammation. Consuming dark chocolates can eventually prevent the occurrence of different heart diseases.

Chocolates to ward away diabetes and cancer
A study from one of the Italian University suggests that dark chocolates improve insulin sensitivity that in turn reduces the occurrence of diabetes. The cocoa found in chocolates contain a significant compound termed pentameric procyanidin. This compound prevents the proliferation of cancerous cells. Doctors from the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center were treating the cancer cells with pentameric procyanidin. To their surprise, they found that the compound blocked the proteins necessary for the growth of cancer cells. Thus, the division of tumor cells was suppressed. Let’s celebrate the healthful versions of chocolate in limited portion sizes. Get ready to grab your chocolate chunks for the day.